(hint: it's a no-brainer)

  • SIDE HUSTLE: Making extra cash remotely while making jewelry in front of you favorite show. YES.

  • BUSINESS: Launch your business with these basic skills- it's literally everything you need to know to get started (I know because I DID it.)

  • MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK (TWO FOLD): You'll make over 10 pieces of handmade jewelry and we both know you could not buy 10 pieces of handmade jewelry for the price of this course. Better yet, put them up for sale and make your money back and then some.

  • FUN: Looking for a hobby that comes with the bonus of finished products both you and your friends will love? (Hello, holiday gifting.) THIS IS IT.


When I started my business, I did not have a formal background in jewelry-making. (I barely had an informal one!) But, with a little innovation and a handful of basic skills under my belt, I grew my business over 15 years, spotting Mimi & Lu jewelry in magazines and selling it to retailers across the globe. Whether you are here to launch a business, create a side hustle or simply learn a new hobby, Jewelry Making: The Basics course teaches you these skills and the secrets of going from novice to noticed in just a handful of lessons. I can't wait for you to join me! ~Michelle

Course Curriculum


  2. Intro to Tools and Supplies

  3. 1-2-3 Easy Assembly

  4. Get in the Loop

  5. Hammer Your Heart Out

  6. That's a Wrap

About this course

  • 3 hours of video content
  • Create over 10 pieces of jewelry
  • Materials INCLUDED (Value $100+, excludes tools, see FAQ).
  • Pre-Recorded Course- Watch and Re-Watch
  • The Kit:

    Wire, Chain, Jump Rings, Clasps, Earring Wires, Small Beads, Charms, Bezeled Stones, Crystals, Bangles, Frames, Blank Plate, Tassels and more. Each kit is different and contains a variety of colors and shapes, which means your jewelry will be unique from other student's work.

  • The Course:

    Each of the five lessons has three chapters. The 1st lesson walks through all supplies and tools. The 2nd lesson focuses on assembly. The 3rd lesson teaches wire wrapping and the 4th teaches hammering. The 5th lesson shows how to wire wrap beads onto frames and provides time to explore combining skills.

  • The Results:

    Throughout this course, you will make over 10 pieces of jewelry including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Each student will create unique pieces with different shapes, colors and metals but all will reflect the styles shown below.


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